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Something other than a thing here reflects to a state of being, a state of being of a “thing” for a particular moment in time. Neglecting and rejecting preconceived ideas and perceptions of what it has been. It is a departure from its former state of existence and its ascendance or descendance to a new state in such a way that it becomes something else. It becomes something more or less than what it has been. This transience in ascendance or descendance is not a way to reject all what this “something” can be, but taking a brief pause from its formers states in order to find new potentials that are not affected by its previous perceptions and meaning.

The project ‘Something other than a thing’ is an effort to take a flight from rationales of everyday mundane plane of life and strip away all the logics, functionalities and usefulness of the “thing” in order to approach this “something”. This idea is explored by the artists to create works that reflect this transient nature of being.

‘Something other than a thing’ is a collaborative project between Iqra Tanveer, Leonardiansyah Allenda and Ehsan Ul Haq.