'White', charcoal-carbon paper installation. Image courtesy of Cemeti Institute for Art and Society

Detail of 'White'

'Distill', hanging object consisting different sizes of wooden scale

Detail of 'Distill'

'Half and Another Half', mining sieve and video work

'The Epiderm', interactive objects with textile, lights and censor

Installation view 'The Epiderm'

Installation view 'The Epiderm'

'Structure Number 1', performance and installation works

Sequance of performance 'Structure Number 1'

Installation view 'Structure Number 1'

Detail of 'Structure Number 1'

Berimbang Taruh (Even Stakes) is a project that crosses between personal narratives and topography of an illegal gold mining in Tupang Pitu, East Java.

Series of work resulted from this project was presented at Cemeti Institute for Art and Society - Yogyakarta, 2014